Lily Hill is a six year old local girl who attends Morgan Owings Elementary. Just like most six year olds, Lily loves rocks on the beach, family, coloring, and play dough. Unfortunately, unlike most six year olds, Lily has to live with severe seizure disorders. When Lily was four months old, she was diagnosed with Porencephaly, which literally means “hole in the brain.” Following this discovery, they noticed that Lily began having infantile spasms which are very detrimental to development. Lily had to deal with medication side effects, new diets, and anything that could possibly reduce seizures. In June of 2011, just after the Hills moved to Chelan, Lily had a terrible seizure. She couldn’t breathe, and her parents had to perform CPR in the car, while driving to meet the ambulance. Lily then began seizing in her sleep. Lily’s longest seizure lasted 13 minutes, and on October 3rd, 2012, Lily had three seizures in the night with the worst convulsions she has ever experienced.

Our community is pulling together to help this little girl and her family. Lily desperately needs a seizure dog. A seizure dog can sense seizures before they hit and will be able to alert the people around Lily that she is about to have a seizure. The dog will also be able to help her get around by pulling her wheel chair, and helping her up if she falls, due to Lily’s very limited mobility in her legs. The problem is, a seizure dog can cost over $12,000. We are working to find the right organization and dog for Lily. Give Naked, Interact Club, FBLA, and FFA are joining forces to get Lily the seizure dog that she needs. The Hills would like to thank the community for all that has been done to make them feel welcome, for making Lily feel comfortable at school, and for pulling together to help Lily.


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