Welcome to the Lake Chelan School District "Parent Corner". Whether you are considering our schools, or have been with us for some time, this page will provide you helpful information and links.

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links to helpful information and resources    

Parents Helping Kids with Learning Disabilities (How to talk to your children about their difficulties. Activities to do with them to better reach their potential.)
School Counselor (American School Counselor Association website-parent section.)
Parent Resource Books ( A list of helpful books for parents about childrens confidence, aggression, depression and much more.)

A Help full guide to internet safety (A brochure for parents to help educate themselves on how to protect their kids from explicit material.)
Office of the Education Ombudsman (provides assistance to resolve complaints, disputes, and problems between families and schools)
Flu Guide for Parents (A guide for parents to help inform and protect their family from Influenza)

Chelan Middle School:
Helping Make the Transition (Tips on how to help your teen make the change from junior high to high school.)

Morgen Owings Elementary:
Parent Teacher Resources (This has a guide to good books for your young kids, a math page for at home help, and a page on healthy eating habits.)
Learning Center (Easy and safe internet surfing link, a link to help encourage childrens writing, and tips for parents to help.)